Children’s Hospital of Michigan Critical Care Tower

New Construction of 6-story pediatric bed tower, Detroit resident labor force

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Owner: Detroit Medical Center

Contractor: Barton Malow/Brinker Joint Venture

Wayne State University IBio – The Integrative Biosciences Center

A combination of structural concrete restoration, brick restoration and limestone restoration. This not only included repairs to existing materials but also replacements with matching pieces and new elements installed to resemble the original design of the building. We were also tasked with installing precast panels on the north elevation as exact replacement for unsound structural concrete.

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Owner: Wayne State University

Contractor: Barton Malow

Davenport Cass Apartments

Complete restoration to the facade we also built a new 90′ tall structural tower to house the stairs and elevator. The penthouse required complete demolition and was rebuilt to match original design. The front facade was also completely demolished and all new precast units were duplicated off of salvaged pieces and rebuilt as an exact duplicate to original. Early into the project Dixon was asked to provide expert advice regarding lack of masonry veneer ties and the structural integrity of said walls. With our knowledge of new construction and past restoration experience we were able to suggest to the project manager to have a permanent repair designed and in doing so saved close to $200,000 for the owner.

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Owner: Cass Corridor Neighborhood Development Corporation

Contractor: Rohde Constrution

Lear Innovation and Design Center

Dixon was asked early on in the project to provide a quote for building restoration. Our quote was based off of conversations with the management contractor as no drawings were issued at the time. We pulled the field and estimating departments together and provided the requested quote based on our extensive investigations to the building. All scenarios were analyzed and what we presented was a total restoration that include brick replacement, tuck pointing, limestone and terracotta repairs and restoration cleaning. Our goal was to provide a complete package so that the owner would not be surprised with gaps resulting in additional costs. Additionally Dixon was also rewarded a contract for a new elevator shaft and stair tower which posed its own challenges as both towers required all materials to be hand carried through the building. As with this and all projects we are always value minded and willing to ask questions and provide information based on our extensive knowledge and background in masonry construction. Is there a safer, better, cheaper way to get the same results?

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Owner: Lear Corporation

Contractor: Tooles

Contract Value: Million

Z Deck Parking Structure

10-Story parking structure features art of 27 different artists.

Exterior perimeter, interior block, exterior and interior granite column enclosures, elevator

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Owner: Bedrock Real Estate Services

Contractor: Colasanti/Sache/Hunt Joint Venture

Detroit Medical Center Pediatric Center

5-Story project, detailed spray foam project, brick and stone veneer, elevator shaft

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Owner: Detroit Medical Center

Contractor: Barton Malow/Brinker Joint Venture