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Celebrating architectural heritage while embracing modern standards.

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From precise budgeting to innovative value engineering, we ensure every facet of facade restoration is meticulously addressed.

We specialize in a range of services including water leak investigation, stone patching, and advanced techniques like epoxy crack injection and tuckpointing

Dixon Inc.

Our commitment extends beyond mere aesthetics to include structural integrity and sustainability, with services like mortar matching and structural steel rehabilitation.

Whether it’s restoring historical accuracy or implementing modern enhancements, Dixon Inc. is dedicated to revitalizing your building’s façade with precision, safety, and unmatched expertise.

The Benefits

  • Dixon Incorporated is a Minority Business Enterprise

  • Revitalize Your Building’s Legacy with Precision and Care.

  • From Historical to Modern – Facade Solutions for Every Need.
  • Safeguarding Structures with Expertise and Excellence.

  • Where Artistry Meets Engineering in Facade Restoration.

Our Most Recent Projects

The Recent Projects section of Dixon Inc.’s Façade Restoration showcases our latest triumphs in architectural rejuvenation, where each project is a testament to our dedication to blending historic charm with modern resilience.



Our facade restoration budgeting process is designed to provide you with a realistic, transparent financial outline, ensuring that your restoration needs are met without any hidden costs or surprises.

Value Engineering

We apply value engineering to facade restoration, optimizing the balance between cost, functionality, and aesthetics, while ensuring the longevity and durability of your building’s exterior.

Constructability Review

Our team conducts thorough constructability reviews for facade restoration, ensuring every aspect of the project is feasible, safe, and efficient before work begins.

We are the Detroit’s leading minority provider of facade restoration.

As the city’s foremost minority provider, Dixon Inc. is committed to transforming and preserving Detroit’s architectural heritage, delivering unparalleled expertise and culturally-informed craftsmanship in every restoration project.

  • Facade Survey

    Our detailed facade surveys assess the condition of your building’s exterior, identifying areas in need of repair or restoration to maintain its structural integrity and visual appeal.

  • Safety Inspection

    Safety inspections are integral to our facade restoration services, ensuring that all aspects of the building’s exterior meet the highest safety standards.

  • Water Leak Investigation

    We specialize in water leak investigations, identifying the source of leaks to prevent water damage and protect the integrity of your building’s facade.

  • Flashing Inspection

    Our flashing inspections are crucial in preventing water infiltration, ensuring that your building’s flashing systems are intact and functioning correctly.

  • Stone Patching

    Our stone patching services meticulously restore the original look of your building’s stone surfaces, addressing wear and damage with precision and care.

  • Vertical & Horizontal Restoration

    We offer comprehensive vertical and horizontal facade restoration services, addressing every aspect of your building’s exterior from the ground up.

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Dixon Inc.

  • Parapet & Coping Repair

    Our parapet and coping repair services address the unique challenges of these critical architectural elements, ensuring they remain weather-resistant and visually appealing.

  • Water Repellant Coatings

    We apply high-quality water-repellant coatings to protect your façade from moisture damage, ensuring long-lasting protection and beauty.


Brick & Stone Repair and Replacement

Our expertise in brick and stone repair and replacement ensures that your building’s facade not only looks great but is structurally sound.


Tuckpointing is a key service we offer to restore mortar joints, enhancing the structural stability and aesthetic of your building’s facade.

Epoxy Crack Injection

Epoxy crack injection is a specialized technique we use to effectively repair and reinforce cracks in your building’s facade, ensuring long-term durability.

What we do

Lintel Repair and Replacement

Our lintel repair and replacement services are crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetic of your building’s window and door openings.

Mortar Matching

Our mortar matching services ensure that any restoration work blends seamlessly with the original masonry, preserving the historical accuracy and aesthetic of your facade.

Structural Steel Rehabilitation

We provide structural steel rehabilitation to address corrosion and wear, ensuring the strength and stability of your building’s facade.

Joint Sealant Replacement

Replacing old or damaged joint sealants is essential for maintaining the integrity of your building’s façade, preventing water infiltration and other damage.

Crack Repair and Reinforcement

Our crack repair and reinforcement services address structural concerns, ensuring that your façade remains safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Restoration Cleaning

We offer restoration cleaning to rejuvenate your building’s façade, removing dirt, pollution, and other build-ups while preserving the integrity of the materials.

Graffiti Removal

Our graffiti removal services are designed to gently yet effectively remove unwanted paint and markings, restoring the original beauty of your building’s façade.

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