Dixon Inc. is proud to present the Orleans Landing project, a significant mixed-use development that has transformed the Detroit Riverfront into a vibrant community hub. This expansive project encompasses 20 buildings, each designed to integrate seamlessly with the scenic surroundings and cater to a modern urban lifestyle. Dixon Inc.’s role was crucial in executing key structural elements that form the backbone of this development.

Project Highlights

  • Elevator and Stair Shafts: Recognizing the importance of safety and functionality in mixed-use developments, Dixon Inc. installed new elevator and stair shafts across all 20 buildings. These installations are vital for ensuring efficient vertical transportation and emergency access, enhancing the buildings’ functionality and resident safety.
  • Masonry Veneer: To complement the architectural vision of the development, Dixon Inc. applied its masonry expertise to install masonry veneer on all buildings. This work not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the exteriors but also contributes to the durability and weather resistance of the structures.
  • Structural and Architectural CMU: The project involved the installation of 10,000 structural CMU and 45,000 architectural CMU. These units were crucial in providing the necessary structural integrity and visual consistency across the development, showcasing Dixon Inc.’s ability to manage and execute large-scale masonry work.
  • Utility Brick: Over 300,000 utility bricks were laid by Dixon Inc., forming a significant part of the development’s façade. This extensive brickwork reflects the company’s commitment to quality and endurance in building materials, ensuring that the aesthetics align with functional requirements.
Dixon Inc.

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